I am Natalie, also known as Bella.

Growing up on the beautiful sunny island of St. Lucia (Located in the Caribbean), I always dreamt of traveling the world to “sew”. At the age of 5, “Fashion” was the furthest thing from my mind; all I knew how to do was sew. I wanted to re-create clothes and make them look “nicer”. I always saw everyone’s clothes as being “blah”, “boring”, “out of style”, “Sa led”as we would say in St. Lucian Patois also known to many as Creole (English Translation; ugly lol).

I started my sewing journey at 5 years by hand stitching. I would purposely cut up family members clothes to “re-vamp” them and that’s how Bella’s Unique Creations and Designs was born. Although I got in trouble mostly every time, that never stopped me. I knew in my mind that I was destined to be great at my passion.

I moved to the island of St. Croix, USVI at the age of 16, when I stumbled upon my first sewing machine. Mind you, I have never used one and still didn’t have access to the ones I saw at that time. It took me watching videos to learn how to operate this captivating man-made piece of equipment. While folks dreamt to go to Disney, I was dreaming of owning a sewing machine. It took several years for me to own one and when I did, there I knew I had to become even greater at my passion. I secretly created many pieces for myself and people used to always compliment me. I took that as “yeah, they like what they see” so let’s get this passion exposed.

Going into business

Bella’s Unique Creations and Designs really began in 2016. It took a lot of drive and determination to actually create a company that I can call my own. I knew nothing about running a business and am still learning the business aspects of running a successful company. Life in itself is a learning curve so I am not worried about failing! Failing creates experience.

As a self-taught seamstress/Fashion Designer, I have a creative mind that words cannot explain. The numbers of creative pieces by me have not yet been exposed so that tells you I have so much more to show the world. I am more focused on Women Fashion and maybe one, just one day; my life will permit Men’s Fashion as well.

Although I am more into the Vogue or Vintage looks I do not have a particular style as my main focus. The Vogue and Vintage look remind me of the styles back when I was 5yrs old. In modern fashion era, the styles always come back but with a modern look and I want to integrate both into my fashion world.

The process

I really enjoy the imaginative, artistic and methodological aspect of completing a piece. It’s called “CREATIVITY”. Every piece I create takes meticulous planning for execution. It’s like performing brain surgery. You want it to be great; you want it to survive criticism, you want it to look phenomenal, you want your work to show in someone’s expression. That feeling you get when someone is ecstatic about something you create is magical. I want women to be assertive; confident when they are dressed in my craft. A woman feeling sexy and attractive is drawn from the clothes that give them confidence.

I don’t want to bore you about me and how I started sewing/designing, so I will end here and let you enjoy the wonderful pieces that will be show case on here and I am looking forward to seeing you flourish in one of my designs.

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